"HACK WEEK": Review

I had a lot of fun with the concept of “HACK WEEK”. However, not everything went as planned, and I have learned some valuable lessons for future editions.


I have been struggling to make time for personal programming projects since I started my first full-time job in September. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it is important to find a new rhythm and work-life balance. Now that I’m two months in, I want to reintroduce some focus on programming outside of work. That’s how I came up with “HACK WEEK”!

Designing an end-to-end encrypted note sharing service 🔐📝

How can you share data securely via the web browser, using a third-party server? In this article, I explain how I created a end-to-end encrypted note sharing service called Noteshare.space, how the security mechanism works, and how to securely encode decryption keys in URIs.