I have struggled to make time for personal programming projects since I started my first full-time job in September. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; graduating from university and starting a full-time job is a big life event, and it is important to find a new rhythm and work-life balance. And now, after two months, I want to reintroduce some focus on programming outside of work. That’s how I came up with “HACK WEEK”!

The goal of my first “HACK WEEK” is to create some structured time to work on Obsidian Quickshare and Noteshare.space. There are a few goals I want to accomplish, ordered by most pressing to most ambitious:

Goal Ambition Estimated effort
Upgrade encryption Low 1 night
Manual expire times Low 0.5 nights
Filename as note title Low 0.5 nights
Fixing bug reports Low 1 night
Full CRUD on notes Med 3 nights
Research Cloudflare R2 for note attachments High 4 nights

I think it would feel too much like a chore with a deadline if I would schedule each goal on a specific date. So instead I will organize the work into milestones that I can progress through at my own pace:

Milestone 1: β˜‘οΈ

  • [2022-11-13] πŸ” Upgraded encryption (encryption v3)
  • [2022-11-13] πŸ€ Store share link in frontmatter
  • [2022-11-14] πŸ€ Filename as note title

Milestone 2:

  • 🐞 Properly rendering inline footnotes
  • 🐞 Fix header links to same note
  • 🐞 Add favicon for mobile systems.

Milestone 3:

  • πŸ€ Manually setting expire time
  • πŸš€ Deleting shared notes
  • πŸš€ Updating shared notes

Milestone 4:

  • πŸ•΅οΈ Proof-of-concept attachments with Cloudflare R2
  • πŸ•΅οΈ Research billing model for attachment hosting


I predict that I will feel less motivated to work on β€œHACK WEEK” after a work day (I can only write TypeScript for so many hours a day πŸ˜…), so I will try to include two weekends in the hack week. Concretely, this means β€œHACK WEEK” will run from 11-11-2022 to 20-11-2022.

After hack week is over, I will write a follow-up post to talk about the experience (and whether it was really such a good idea in the first place).