"HACK WEEK": Review

I had a lot of fun with the concept of “HACK WEEK”. However, not everything went as planned, and I have learned some valuable lessons for future editions.


I have been struggling to make time for personal programming projects since I started my first full-time job in September. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it is important to find a new rhythm and work-life balance. Now that I’m two months in, I want to reintroduce some focus on programming outside of work. That’s how I came up with “HACK WEEK”!

Designing an end-to-end encrypted note sharing service 🔐📝

How can you share data securely via the web browser, using a third-party server? In this article, I explain how I created a end-to-end encrypted note sharing service called Noteshare.space, how the security mechanism works, and how to securely encode decryption keys in URIs.

Three Articles #3 📰

This week’s articles: What SWIFT actually does, when and when not to optimize your code, and how to approach a cultural interview at a company.

Three Articles #2 📰

This week’s articles: serverless cloud computing without containers, how GitHub uses Machine Learning to detect code vulnerabilities, and how to write utterly untestable code.

Three Articles #1 📰

This week’s articles: COVID-19 data vs. Benford’s Law, a tip for overcoming mental fatigue, and business advice for academic startups.

Flip the script: questions to ask during a software engineering interview 🙋

The main goal of these questions is to avoid nasty surprises about the job after I start my employment. This list is quite extensive, so you can pick and choose the questions that seem most important to you or that segue the best during the conversation with the interviewer.

What I read in 2021 📚

My first post of 2022! I’m looking to write some posts about the process of building blockcolors.app soon, but in the meantime I wanted to make a quick first post for 2022. So I decided to list the books I have read last year and give some quick thoughts about them.

How to avoid a climate disaster (Gates, 2021)

Recently, I read How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, a book about the solutions we need to avoid, well, a climate disaster. Reading this book offered me a great perspective on climate change and the technologies we need to avert the worst outcome. In this post, I will share with you some of those insights.